Import Failed!

After checking The Requirements article and you believe that you have met all requirements, but, still cannot import demo content. Then, you can try this method: 

Firstly, You need to get the zip file from our support team (it's private link) and paste the URL to your browser. The browser may alert you that the website is not secure, this is due to the expired SSL certificate, you an ignore it and keep processing. If you are in Chrome, just click in "Advanced" and click in the option "Proceed to api.insightstud.io (unsafe)". This would trigger the download of the zip file. 

Secondly, you have to put this zip file inside a server that you own or have access to. For example, you can put it in your local environment or just put it inside the "public_html" folder if you are in a shared server or a remote one. Depending on your web server or hosting provider, you may need to give it full access permissions (read and write at least), but don’t worry, this is just temporary while we renovates the certificate.

Lastly, you have to modify this file: wp-content/themes/maxcoach/framework/class-import.php and change this code located inside the "import_demos" function:

'url'        => 'privatelink'

and substitute the URL to the one you saved your file. In my case I changed it to: 

'url'        => 'http://localhost:8080/Wordpress/zipfilename'

But if you saved it in public_html folder inside your shared server or your VPS or whatever, it would look something like this:

'url'        => 'http://YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME/zipfilename'

With this, you may re-attempt to run the importer, and should work.

Moreover, we are working on this issue this week to provide a better automatic solution, so, you can wait if you want. 

We apologize for any inconvenience you've met & thank you so much for your patience for us. 

Have a nice day!