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  Public Ticket #1941448
Issue encountered with Woocommerce


  • nguyenlnp started the conversation

    So after a few updates, the Size and Color fields in each product's page are now missing. I got a message saying a Woocommerce template used by Amely was outdated so I went on using Woocommerce's solution:

    1. Move out the outdated template (attached file named "old____")

    2. Copy template with the same name from Plugins folder (attached file name "from_plugin_folder____")

    3. Replace the newly copied file's content with the old file's (hence attached file named "current______")

    But the situation remains the same, no Color/Size fields.

    I tried uploading new products with various Size/Color but those still do not show too.

    Hope to hear back from you.

    Attached files:  current_content-widget-product.php

  • nguyenlnp replied

    Screenshot to product page if you cannot access the link.


  •  1,637
    Bryan replied


    You can add this code to Customize > Addition css section to fix this issue:

    .woocommerce.single-product .product .summary form.variations_form select.isw-selectbox {display: block !important;}


  • nguyenlnp replied

    Thanks! It works like a charm.

  •  1,637
    Bryan replied


    I hope you're happy with it.

    Please contact if you have any problem so i can help you check.

    Your satisfaction is our pleasure - Please vote and send your comments to us if you happy with our products and support.

    Thanks a lot!