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    rami_ismail2005 started the conversation


    I am not able to edit the coordinates in the contact form, I tried to put the coordinates and the address of my location but it is not working, can you please help me in adding this location to my contact form:



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    rami_ismail2005 replied

    also there is an issue with the contact form 7 plugin I am not able to receive emails through it, and I tried several plugins for smtp, once sending a test message from the plugin itself like mailjet its working fine and received but once trying to send through the contact form 7 it is not received

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    Bryan replied


    1. You can use my google api key here to make the map work normal:


    and then check your key again.

    2. We are recommend using SMTP system to send email. Please contact your hosting provider to help you enable it or you can set up via custom plugin.