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Portfolio menu order


  • gilesholder started the conversation

    Hi, I am wondering if you can implement a ordering function for the portfolio? Other themes I use have this and it makes displaying items in the portfolio so easy. Something where I can input a number for each portfolio 1 being shown first and 20 last for example. Would be a great addition to the theme as my current method requires me to change each one to a different date. Giles

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    Linh replied


    Please description more details so i can help you check it better because the list portfolio is allowed to set number of portfolio show up:



  • gilesholder replied

    Hi Linh, 

    Thank you for your response.

    Essentially I am after a way of displaying my portfolio items in a custom order which I can easily adjust.

    Other themes I have used have a field where you can put in a custom value for order. Such as if entered 1 this would display this first in the list. Setting it as 6 would display it as 6th in the list of results.

    Screenshot from another theme attached.

    My current solution is to display in date order then manually set each portfolio item with a published date to get this order.

    Hope you can help.


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    Linh replied


    You can try the filter of wordpress as my image bellow:


    Hope it can help.