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  Public Ticket #1951733
Animation Delay


  • augsadmin started the conversation


    Could you kindly tell me how do I set delay for animation please?

    Also for the one page scroll template, how do I suppose to set the background color of one of the pages? I've tried to set the background color in row settings but it does not work for full page. (image attached)

    Thank you

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    Bryan replied


    Please description more details of animation delay so i can help better.

    Also you should set custom color for each section:

    Please provide provide your site url with an admin account so i can access to help you check the background color issue.


  • augsadmin replied

    In terms of animation delay, please refer to this page:

    tried it in custom css but not working. Any way i can do that?

  • augsadmin replied

    Also the one page scroll is so confusing. Any instructions on building a site with one page scroll template?

    So far here are the issues I encountered:

    #1.anchor menu not working at all, with row ID being set correctly and it worked on default template.

    #2.if there are more than 1 section, only the first section will be shown and the rest disappear.

    #3.gradation does not show if it is not being placed in the first page.

    Not sure if is because I didnt set up correctly or something

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    Bryan replied


    What do you want to do with the demo animation in the link? You can use this code:

    position: relative;
    animation-delay: 2s;

    Also visual composer is allow to set animation for all element or section. You can edit row/column of page to set it up.

    Also could you provide the site url so i can help you check menu anchor and section ID of each menu items..