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    We would like to get assistance on the following issues: 

    • Our site has a one page navigation based on vertical slider demo template. We have configured the menu in order to be available as 'top', 'main' and 'mobile'. Works fine in desktop, but once tested on different mobile devices and browsers, touch responsiveness for the menu is not working at all. When you press over the menu icon it displays the menu, but links do not work at all.

    • Towards the menu topic, one you access to a project detail, menu becomes not linkable, even the logo doesn't redirect to homepage again. By now, we just added a Go Back Button. 

    • Second issue is that if Onepage Scroll option is activated it really messes up the whole navigation and responsiveness. Elements load incorrectly and delayed, some of them disappear. This happens even with the demo content without customization and even on the live demo site that you have available. By the moment our best fix was to disable that option. We would really like it to work as smooth as expected. 

    • We would like to know if there is some way to disable the display of the 'date' metadata in the project detail page. Maybe just to know the .php file that contains those elements so we can search and edit it through our panel.

    Again, we would  appreciate your assistance and we will wait for a soon response. 

    Thank you in advance, 

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    Bryan replied


    1. I can see your are using menu anchor for your page and the page still scroll well after click on menu item on mobile. 

    2. Because of you are using anchor menu so there is not section ID in project page to scroll to. 

    3. I will notice our team about the Onepage Scroll feature to check it again. 

    4. Which Date section in project page? Could you description more details?