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Revolution Slider import demos didn't work


  • Jubilo started the conversation

    Alk import demos, no revolution slider was imported. Can you provide us with a link to download them manually?

  • fliptech replied

    I just did the demo import as well and all revolution sliders did NOT import as well. So you're not crazy, it isn't working.

    Sorry, this is the Mitech theme I purchased from CodeCanyon. Not sure if you have other themes or not.


    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

  • Jubilo replied

    This issue is with brook theme too. Import of revolution slider is not working.

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    Linh replied

    Hi Jubilo, 

    You can get all sliders in my attached and manual import it to use for your site.


    Attached files:  brook.zip

  • Jubilo replied

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!

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    Linh replied

    you are welcome.