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  • Apostolos started the conversation

    Hello I need your help again. I need to have a vertical menu like this demo.


    But I cannot make it work and the documentation does not mention anything about it. can you describe in detail the steps to have a vertical category menu like the above? I cannot install the demo because it is an already active working eshop that we just change the outfit. And only the demo could help I cannot understand why it is not working while in the theme options I choose Menu Bottom Header #2. Should I do anything else for example in widjets? And if I make it work how do I change which categories I want to be displayed and how do I change the icons of the vertical menu?

    Thank you

  • Apostolos replied

    I have to tell you also that the demo import does not work I tried to operate the theme locally but there is a broken link for the demo package I will include screenshots for you. Please restore the functionality of this feature as it is a good example to consult for make the website look as similar can get to the original demo.

    Attached files:  error1.PNG

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    Linh replied


    The solution to check all our page settings is import demo data to a temp host like localhost then compare the page setting with your main domain.

    Also we will update theme today to fix the import data link issue.