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  • Marta started the conversation

    Hello thememove team,

    While I was updating wordpress, woocommerce etc. I was wondering about 2 things:

    1. I costumized once the woo commerce checkout in order to have a little product image in the description. I added it as in the attached code, but unfortunately the picture appear way too big. In a early version back in the middle of 2017 it worked.

    2. As it's a german online shop beside the agb you have to mention the cancellation policy, I like how the terms are solved in the updatet woocommerce version (see picture terms), but couldn't figure out how to add a second link with the cancellation policy.

    In former times there were just two links, which is a little bit boring

    In advance thanks a lot for the help.



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      checkout with thumbnail1.PNG

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    Linh replied


    1. You can edit the code to set the size:


    2. Woocommerce is only allow to set one term and condition link. 


  • Marta replied

    Hello Linh,

    it works. Thanks for the help!



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    Linh replied

    You are welcome.