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Restore Demo pages in trash


  • -Harle- started the conversation

    Hey, I did some mistake and updated WK Bakery manually to 6.0.5 (I had to delete before, I think that's the reason of the issue).
    Now all the demo pages in trash are deleted, but I need some to use and wanted to recover later..

    Is there any possibility to get the Brook Demo pages back in trash/to sites or import them manually?

    Best Gustav

    EDIT: Or is WordPress deleting pages in trash automatically after a period of time?!?

    EDIT2: Oh shit, I see it deletes automatically after 30 days :( So is there any possibility to get the Brook Demo pages back to sites/import them manually?

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    Linh replied


    Yes WP will remove the Trash after each 30 days. Which page you want to have so i can help you export from our demo?


  • -Harle- replied

    Ah thanks, I have another site where I exported and then imported, so I did it by my own, thank you!

    ...And I deactivated automatic trash-removement at functions.php with:

    function my_remove_schedule_delete() {
        remove_action( 'wp_scheduled_delete', 'wp_scheduled_delete' );
    add_action( 'init', 'my_remove_schedule_delete' );

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    Linh replied


    That is great to hear. 

    Please contact if you have any other question so i can help.