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Getting the icon set source file


  • Rajan started the conversation

    Hi MiTech Team, 

    We've planned to change the color combination rather going with the default. 

    Q1. What is the easiest way to change the two primary colors that you've used, You've used Blue and Brown, we would like to chose different color palette. 

    Q2. Please provide me AI or PSD file for there images that you've used here. I need a source file for the icon set that you've used here.  So that I can do some changes in the color as our color option.


    Q2. Can you please provide some good reference website for the using the similar type of icon set?

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    Bryan replied


    1. You can change primary color in Customize section.

    2. Unluckily, we does not allow to provide the PSD file of the theme for customer. You need design your image/icon to use from your side.