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Importe Media Not Working


  • Flex-Tomy started the conversation


    I'm trying to import the demo. Everything seems to be importing except the Media. I'm wondering if it is normal or if I'm doing something wrong.

    Thanks in advance for your time,

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    Bryan replied


    Following the copyright of image author, we does not have permission to give the image to other website or data. It can only use in demo site of theme. So we changed it to default image. 

    Please check the settings and upload your image to use.

    Thank for your understanding.

    Best regards.

  •   Flex-Tomy replied privately
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    Bryan replied


    Would you mind providing us with Wordpress login credentials so we can take a closer look? 


  •   Flex-Tomy replied privately
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    Bryan replied


    All the demo data has been imported to your site.

    You can use this temp admin account: admin/12345678 to access to check your site again. 

    And don't forget change password to your new password.

    Also I hope you're happy with it.

    If possible can you going to https://themeforest.net/downloads and give us the best rate for our product, that will make us very happy and continue make support and update for the product more better in the future.

    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards

  • Flex-Tomy replied

    Hello Linh,

    Thanks a lot for the work you guys did. It seems all good now :)

    I just gave a 5 star on the themeforest page.

    Kind regards,

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    ThemeMove replied

    Thank you for your love with Businext.

    We will close this ticket.

    If you have any other problems, please don't hesitate to create a new ticket. we always here to help you asap.

    Best Regards,

    Thememove Team.