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Insight core plugin slows WordPress backend


  • RNAK started the conversation

    Hello there, 

    Since a few hours the backend of my WordPress install with Aeroland is very slow. The only thing that solves it is disabling the Insight core plugin. 

    • Front end runs fast, it's just the backend (WordPress admin).
    • I have disabled all plugins. I can also activate all other plugins except Core insight as that will slow it down again. 
    • The development server is running on a Siteground VPS with 4 CPU cores and 8 GB RAM and it's the only website running on the VPS.
    • The other development VPS is specced the same, is owned by TransIP but has some other websites running on it. The WordPress install with Aeroland is the only website with a slow backend on that server. Disabling Insight core solved the problem immediately.

    Could you please help us fix this? It seems other users using other Thememove themes are affected as well: https://thememove.ticksy.com/ticket/2280171/

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    mirdonproduction replied

    I'm waiting answer from support, but found a solution, maybe this can help you.

    File to edit is "insight-core.php"

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  • cittrarasu replied

    Hi Guys,

       We have find slow backend;

      File to edit is "insight-core.php"

      Line No :  344  -> timeout "120" change to "0"

      Line No :  297 -> timeout "120" change to "0"

      Line No :  275 -> timeout "120" change to "0"

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  • RNAK replied

    Thanks Mirdonproduction and Cittrarasu! The problem lies with a domain name that is referenced in the insight-core.php file. That URL doesn't respond which results in a timeout. 

    The developer should contact the administrator of that URL and get the timeout sorted. In the meanwhile the developer should release a quick update that will circumvent this problem until it is solved. 

  • RNAK replied

    I tried the two mentioned solutions. While it does speed up things a little bit the actual problem isn't solved. 

  • Noora replied

    We are experiencing the same issue with Robin theme.

  • RNAK replied

    I think every theme that uses the Insight Core plugin is experiencing the same issue because the API at https://api.insightstud.io is down. Maybe the theme developer can update us on the status of this issue.

  • cittrarasu replied

    Hi ,

    This way supported for healsoul theme only

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    Bryan replied


    We are sorry for late response because of the Lunar New Year 2020 holiday. 

    Currently,, the server that contain demo data is getting problem so the purchase code checking can not connect to that server. That made the slow issue.  

    The team will check and update server immediately.


  • RNAK replied

    Hello Linh, 

    Thanks for chiming in. As you can see we're all looking forward to a fix. Wishing you good luck and prosperity for the new year!

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    Bryan replied

    Thank for your understanding. 

    We will back to work on this Thursday. 

    Best regards.

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    visaoativa replied

    Hello, what's up?

  • bradsears replied

    Yes please update.  This is causing a serious problem for me and I'd like to know a workaround or a timeline please.

  • Tim Sombroek replied

    Yes, today you said we are gonna fix it?

  • Thaisices replied


    I just bought theme and I can't validate the purchase code or download the demo theme.
    I tested the options below and was unable to resolve them.

    What is the expected response to this problem?

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    Bryan replied


    The problem has been fixed.

    Please try to check your site functions again.


  • RNAK replied

    Confirmed. Everything is back to normal. Thanks!

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    Bryan replied

    you are welcome.