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Page options reset by itself


  • Art started the conversation

    I'm having issues with page options. They are constantly getting reset. We setup up page layouts and title backgrounds for every page and after a while it gets reset without any warning or anything. 

    Why would this happen and how can we prevent this from happening?

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    Bryan replied


    Would you mind providing us with Wordpress login credentials so we can take a closer look? 


  • Art replied

    We've troubleshooted when this happens. Page options reset when we use "Better Search Replace" plugin to clean the site. 

    For example, just now, I found some leftover links that point to staging. I put a query to find and replace them all

    from http://staging.sitename.com/ to https://www.sitename.com/

    After the plugin has finished changing the links, all of the page settings were lost (other theme settings are ok), that required us to restore the site from the backup. I'm supporting 30 websites and we never had this issue, there is something with this theme that makes everything a problem.

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    Bryan replied


    Thank for your information. 

    Please note: we can not responsible for handling errors if you have for your 3rd plugins and customized code. 

    You should contact the plugin author for more details of possible. 

    Best regards