How to Create a New Ticket

Please follow these procedures closely in case you'd need to submit a ticket so that our customer support team can provide you with prompt and proper responses:

  • Provide a link to your site.
    If something doesn't work, please send us a link to the page that has the issue.
  • Send related screenshots.
    Screenshots are helpful for us to precisely detect the problem. 
  • Admin Dashboard Login Info.
    We need to log in to your site in order to solve the problem quickly. 
  • FTP info.
    This is required when we need to update the code in case of an urgent issue.
  • WordPress / Plugin Updates.
    Please make sure that you are using the latest WordPress version and plugin update.

Welcome to ThemeMove Support Center !

Thank you for purchasing our themes. ThemeMove team always offers customers a with unique premium services that ensures quality and efficiency. Before taking any further action, please take some time to read through our basic terms and conditions:

  • Our working time is from 8am until 5pm GMT+7 during weekdays (Monday - Friday).
  • Before creating any ticket, please search through the available public tickets, from there you may find the answers you need without the need to submit a new one and wait for the answer.
  • Before posting, please make sure that you have installed latest version of the theme and WordPress. Each of ours themes comes with a detailed documentation, please read it carefully, you’ll find useful instructions and tips there. There are also various video tutorials in the documentation so that you can learn it fast, don’t miss them.
  • Kindly note that due to the large amount of support requests we receive everyday, though we always try our best to answer all of them, please patiently wait about 24-48 hours to receive our ticket response.
  • In case you'd add a new comment before we have a chance to respond, your ticket will go down the list; therefore, please patiently wait till your ticket is proceeded. If you must add an additional comment, you can edit your initial post. Thank you for your understanding.
  • To help your ticket receive a quick review and response, please submit a public ticket as well as make sure that you send a description of the issue alongside related URLs and screenshots. If you'd think the issue couldn't be fixed by tips and advice, then you might create a private ticket providing us with your WordPress admin user/password + your site URL so that we could log in for deeper examination. Don’t worry about your login information, they are safe with us.
  • Please revise the theme itself and check with newly announced features, bugs fixing & reported issues, recent updates to ensure its compatibility with new software versions.

Our Item Support Includes:

✔ Availability of the author to answer questions

✔ Answering technical questions about item’s features

✔ Assistance with reported bugs and issues

✔ Installation of services from our products

Our Support Doesn't Include:

✘ Customization services

✘ Server customization 

✘ Support for third party plugins