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-Harle- Effect Wavify doesn't work after update to 1.9.6 - pls fix!!   Brook   Updated 1 week ago   15 hiterl120 The mobile menu setting and color selector display problem   Lezada   Updated 1 week ago   4 KotVM How to set a background at the bottom-center as on sample page?   Organik   Updated 1 week ago   4 KotVM Broken Documentation link   Organik   Updated 1 week ago   4 Himanshu Desai Slow Theme   Mitech   Updated 1 week ago   5 Elodie Replace my account left image   Billey   Updated 1 week ago   4 simonet78 Grid Anythings   Mitech   Updated 2 weeks ago   2 lochley Blog Element   Billey   Updated 2 weeks ago   2 lochley Mobile Menu Social Icons   Billey   Updated 2 weeks ago   2 creativespt Extending the text excerpt in services section   Healsoul   Updated 2 weeks ago   4 djtimmy Unable to change Header Content   Transport   Updated 2 weeks ago   2 Christopher Thanisch Lightbox for images   Organie   Updated 2 weeks ago   10 quachthuylinh Slide Revolution   Brook   Updated 2 weeks ago   12 Brice Cookies error CSS   Organik   Updated 2 weeks ago   2 CHRISTOPHE GROTTI Problem JS   Brook   Updated 2 weeks ago   2