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  Public Ticket #1820971
Custom colors on page


  • Paul Heath started the conversation

    I notice there is an option to select preset colours for a specific page/post. However, I'd like to customise a page's colours without affecting the site's overall colours.

    Could you direct me to where I can find the preset colour settings, so i can modify the css files?

    Many thanks!

  • [deleted] replied


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  • Paul Heath replied

    You didn't answer my question...

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    ThemeMove replied


    Sorry for late reply. This ticket is answered by an old support staff. I will take care of this ticket.

    You can find preset in businext/customizer/section-color.php file. I recommend  you to use a child theme to customize the preset by using the filter businext_color_preset_settings

    For example:

    add_filter( 'businext_color_preset_settings', 'my_preset', 1, 99);
    function my_preset( $preset_settings ) {
        $preset_settings[ 'my_preset' ] = array(
            'label' => esc_html__( 'My Preset', 'businext' ),
            'settings' => array(
                'primary_color' => Businext::PRIMARY_COLOR,
                'secondary_color' => Businext::SECONDARY_COLOR,             'link_color' => '#1F375A',
                'link_color_hover' => '#21C674',         ),
        ),     return $preset_settings; }

    Best Regards,

    Thememove Team.