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    We bought this theme a month ago and even with the latest update, it fails to install in Wordpress.

    Every other theme we've ever purchased or tried works fine, except this one. It is broken and many others have reported it as well, so it's beyond us why this theme doesn't install or work. It is not usable in its current form.

    Every time we try to install it, we get a long upload/download delay followed by a 404 error. Yes, we've read every bit of documentation and gone through every forum post on the topic for this theme. Nothing has worked.

    We would like a full refund since your product is unusable.

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    Steve replied


    We do offer technical support here and sales has been handled via envato. Please please send me 

    • The WordPress admin information (login URL, username & password)
    • The FTP login information (server address, username & password)

    So, I can give a thorough check and get it resolved for you.

    Best Regards,
    Steve Piper

    Thememove Support

  • Rghrdr18 replied

    Sure thing, which email address should I use, so that we don't make that information public?

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    Bryan replied


    I'm sorry for late response. 

    You can add the login credentials in this topic with private option so only you and our team member can see it. 

    Your information will be save.