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Menu options in Header


  • joan Rubiralta started the conversation

    In the home page, the menu are displayed in the same row with the logo. But when you visit any other page, the menu is displayed under the logo, allowing a huge white space where it is suposed to be the menu. 

    It is possible to be all the pages, the same (in the menu) as in the home? Also the same form for the contact email in the line at the top of the header. 

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    ThemeMove replied

    Hi joan Rubiralta!

    Sincerely apologize to you for our delay. We recently had a holiday so didn't answer you sooner.

    The Homepage has selected a separate header for that page.
    Go to Page Options -> Header -> Header type and select Default http://prntscr.com/mjesv2. When you choose Default, the value in Customizer will be used. (Customize -> Header -> General http://prntscr.com/mjevuv)

    Best Regards,

    Thememove Team.