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Stuck at 93% loading demo


  • kelaidima started the conversation

    I submitted a private ticket at 8am.... no response.... it is now 9pm.  So now I'm asking publicly in hopes of a response and assistance b/c I'm eager to build the site.... I had all day to build, but stuck at the demo.

    I'm trying to load the demo.... it is stuck at 93% for over 13 hours.  I did try at 7am too with no luck.  So, removed the theme (and cleared the contents) and tried again.... it is still at 93% since 8am.... Help please.  Is anyone there???

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    Linh replied


    Please provide an admin account so i can help you check it. In the meantime, before install theme and import demo data, please be sure your server meet our requirements as the article bellw to make it work:



  •   kelaidima replied privately
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    Linh replied


    I checked your server info and see it does not meet our requirements to make the theme work. 


    Please check your server info again with our requirement article.

    Best regards.