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grayscale hover in portfolio


  • AnneJacquot started the conversation


    How would I be able to make all the images grayscale of my portfolio archive until I hover on it and remain in color once I have selected it for its preview? Remaining the portfolio title and category in color.

    Thanks, Anne

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    Bryan replied


    Do you want to change the portfolio title color and category color when hover on grid image item?

    If yes, you can use css code in Customize > Addition Css to change it:

    .tm-portfolio .grid-item:hover .post-overlay-categories a  {color: #fff;}
    .tm-portfolio .grid-item:hover .post-overlay-title a {color: #333;}

    Best regards

  • AnneJacquot replied

    Hello Linh,

    I'd like to get only the picture changing : first greyscale, when hover in color.

    The title and category colour have to remain unchanged.

    Thanks by advance

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    Bryan replied


    You can try this code to change the grey color lighter when hover on the item:

    .tm-portfolio .grid-item:hover .post-overlay { opacity: .3 !important; }

    Best regards