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Remove shortcodes from printed


  • Babette1980 started the conversation

    Hello there,

    as my customer wants to have the possibility to print out case studies, I need to know how to remove any VC shortcodes from the printer-friendly version of all of the case studies. I hope you can help.

    Best wishes, Babette

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    Linh replied


    Please description more details of your wishes in case studies page so i can help better.


  • Babette1980 replied

    Dear Linh,

    As you can see in the first picture attached, I use the WP-Print Plugin to give me a printer-friendly Version of the case study. As you can see in the second picture attached, there are the VC-shortcodes all over this printer-friendly version. That misses what I use the Plugin for... So I need a solution how to remove or hide the shortcodes.

    Thank you very much!


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    Linh replied


    It seems that Print plugin does not supported to work with visual composer. The code you see is the page content that built via visual element. 

    You should contact plugin author for more details of this problem.