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onclick link in info list


  • alexissatok started the conversation

    Hi remember me ? You have ad in my theme last time a field. But in your update theme there is no more this field. You tell me that you will ad it in the update.

    Here my last ticket about it

    Hi  In the field of "info list" in header or top bar we can ad text but no code. And it's interresant if i put a phone number to follow how many click on it with adword...

    How to allow code in these fields, tractor theme, i have the same probleme with the conebrick ?

    exemple of code:"

    <  a > href="tel:0130727140" onclick="ga('send','event', {'eventCategory': 'call','eventAction': 'click'});">01 30 72 71 40< / a >

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    Bryan replied


    Which header you are using? At this topic: https://thememove.ticksy.com/ticket/1897665/

    i have attached 2 files of custom code to change as you want. 

    Please check it again.


  • alexissatok replied

    Hi i try on another ftp in order to test your update before updating my theme, cause it's a shop and i don't want to break all...

    So on the new install i have choosen the header 22 but i though the code change is for all the header no ??

    Because i'm not sure yet if i'm going to use the header 07 (the one) where changed you have made...

    Is'nt possible to ad the on click field on all header style ??

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    Bryan replied


    Currently, that changed file is only applied for header 07. 

    We will check and update to apply for all other header layout later.