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Theme ERROR ... I regret buying this theme


  • Texy started the conversation
    This page isn’t working

    cimum.org.ng is currently unable to handle this request.

    HTTP ERROR 500

    This happened after your agent helped fixing mega menu

    I don't know why it takes more than 24 hours for you to respond on sensitive issues that is affecting other people's business and integrity

    I paid for support but it brings me pain at the end of the day, for over 10 hours i have been on this, ten good hours out of 24 hours waisted on just fixing issues caused by your company. It's so disheartening 

    Please help fix this asap as this as already damage my relationship with my client

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    Bryan replied

    Your site is running well. It is not possible down if you do not touch anything. 

    Did you install other 3rd plugin or change something on the theme code?