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Edit the main home page from Digital Studio (Brook)


  • Alexandru-Claudiu Bodea started the conversation


    Thank you for Brook, one of the most amazing themes that I have ever seen!

    I have a little question. I saw that everything it's customizable, but I can't find something. 

    I chose to use the Digital Studio theme from Brook. Everything great, but the biggest problem for me is that I can't manage to edit the top part of the home page (view the attached photo). I want to delete the shopping cart and the search icon from top right, I want to change "Digital Studio" and the words that are beneath it, and also I want to edit the link from the left and the hyperlinks to social medias from the right of the page. Where do I need to enter to edit those things? I couldn't find anything in the settings, or with WPBakery, or with any other included plugin.

    Please help me, it would be awesome!

    Thank you!

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    Linh replied


    1. You can turn of car item and search item in Customize > Header > select your Header Style 

    ex: http://prntscr.com/n2icth

    2. The text is in slider so you need edit Revolution slider to change the text.

    3. Please go to Customize > Social Network to change it.


  • Alexandru-Claudiu Bodea replied

    Hello! Thank you for your response!

    I can't change the social networks. I went to the Customize -> Social Networks, but even if I change it, nothing happens (nothing gets changed, even after I press publish). I deleted the twitter part, I changed it in LinkedIn - but when I press publish and I try to see what happens, the twitter icon remains the same, and when I press the buttons, they redirect me to my homepage, not to the social networks. 

    What should I do? 

    Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/n2j0hj

    Thank you in advance, again! 

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    Linh replied


    Oh sorry for my mistake. 

    The list social in the slider can be found in slider edit that using element shortcode.