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Problem editing the header of my theme


  • LILODANCE started the conversation

    Dear all, I have tried for months to change the upper part of the installed moody theme but it is impossible. I was only able to install a new picture and to change the menu. In the bottom part you see I have been able to change everything, add my texts and pictures. But the upper part design and text in English is impossible to be changed in WP. I do not find where this can be changed and if I need to hire a programmer to do it. I am not expert in WP but I am able to change everything what is accessible in WP but the upper part of my theme is not accessible I do not know for which reason. Is this something you could help me with?

    My current theme is 

    TM MoodyVersión: 1.5.1

    Attached files:  Issue with moody.PNG

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    Bryan replied


    The image and text is in revolution slider. Please edit your slider to change it.