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  Public Ticket #1949856
error with jquery.smartmenus.min


  • GrupoDNA started the conversation

    Hi, I am working on my site, 

    I did create a custom mega menu .
    I added it as primary menu but in the front end it is not displaying well.

    Error with js even if js loaded in header

    See attached file from console view.

    Attached files:  Captura de pantalla 2019-03-26 a la(s) 17.51.36.png

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    Bryan replied


    Do you use any 3rd plugins? If possible, please provide your site url with an admin account so i can access to help you check it better.


  • GrupoDNA replied

    Hi Linh,

    the demo was working well. 
    i deleted the demo menu and created one , made it primary menu into wp menu.

    My website is local ! How can I fix the console bugs ?


  • GrupoDNA replied

    I do not have other plugins activated except WPbakery and insight core.

    I did define the primary menu . I don't think the problem is from here.

    the mega menu is in the source code. I found it.
    all the js scripts are loaded in the footer as in your demo.

    So I did try the main businext template, not the child, and it is the same, I still have issue with jquery.smartmenus.min.js?ver=1.3.1:3

    Updated to Version: 1.4.0, same problem.

    Need a fix please. I am developer, you can give me code.


    Attached files:  Captura de pantalla 2019-03-28 a la(s) 09.55.15.png

  • GrupoDNA replied

    Hi, i did fix the problem ! 

    there's a step the tutorial o documentation is not explaining.


    1- set custom link with # as href
    2- add the mega menu block as child.

    fixes the problem, I had to see how you did it in the demo content.

    you should add it to documentation.


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    Bryan replied

    Thank for you feedback. 

    We will check and update it soon.

    Best regards