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Changing Tab Color


  • Jsivey started the conversation

    The tabs I created on the homepage have turned blue and I can't find how to change them. I attached a screenshot of the tabs themselves, and a screenshot of the tab editor where I've been looking for the solution. I also included a screenshot of the tab editor settings to show that I currently have the tab color set to orange (just for testing) and it hasn't changed the tabs color.

    Attached files:  Healsoul_Tab_Homepage.png

  • Jsivey replied

    I found the code that is overriding the color change that I'm looking to make. In the attached screenshot it shows that in the inline: 603 there is a background color override that is making it #58799b instead of the correct color.

    Is there an option in the theme that I'm overlooking that is causing that shade of blue to override my color choice?

    Attached files:  Inline Style Sheet.png

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    Linh replied


    Could you provide an admin account so i can access to help you check and fix this issue?


  •   Jsivey replied privately
  • Jsivey replied

    I figured it out. It seems that the tabs took its color from the third color option in the theme menu. We never set it as a color so it took on a default one. We changed it and have it working now.

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    Linh replied

    That is great. 

    Please contact if you have any other question so i can help.