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WPBakery Page Builder SUPPORT


  • silraffo started the conversation


    Estoy desarrollando/ajustando la web hace unos meses y  hoy obtuve problemas tratando de editar mi pagina con WPBakery Page Builder.

    Quise modificar y editar algunas paginas .....y no me permite.

    Aparece una placa blanca transparente con icono de WPBakery Page Builder en el centro y no puedo editar la pagina. A que se debe ese error.?

    WPBakery Page Builder de wordpress es de uso gratuito..?



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    Bryan replied


    Please update new visual plugin https://thememove.ticksy.com/ticket/2000823 then check again.


  • silraffo replied


    I already made the update of the robin theme and also erase first and then install the WPBakery plug-in, both from the file that you sent me as well as from within Insight Core.

    It still does not run this plug-in, it does not allow me to edit the pages, I was stunned as if I lacked the product key to enable it.

    I attached image.

    I need to return the total amount paid, as this issue does not help me if I can not use the WPBakery, I appreciate a prompt response.

    Thank you

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    Bryan replied


    I can see your other ticket has same issue related to WBBakery Page Builder plugin. 

    I will check and response you in that other topic.