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Google maps


  • 3virgule14 started the conversation

    Hello, another question, this time i've try a lot of directions, without success.

    The maps in the contact page won't show the good address or coordinate, it's always the same part of the map. The API key is OK and no problem with it, but impossible to display the good address. Any idea ?


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    Bryan replied


    You can set up your site with my google map api key bellow then check again:



  • 3virgule14 replied

    Thanks a lot, it works with this API key, but why ?

    I've create one with my google account and certified the website domain, the google maps api checker said my contact page is ok, the map is displayed with no error but impossible to display the exact address.

    Maybe i've missed something in my google account ?

    Or can i use you key without restrictions ?

    Thanks a lot for your feedback


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    Bryan replied

    Yes you can use my key normal.