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wp bakery builder


  • empordaimmo01 started the conversation

    Unable to edit pages with wp bakery... Plugin installed ok, visible etc but when trying to add a new page.... Just blank page!

    Noticed that I am able to edit posts but no way to add or edit pages!!

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    Bryan replied


    Can you provide an admin account with your site url so i can access to help you check it?


  • empordaimmo01 replied

    Sorry, but due to the late response, the hurry of our client and the fact that the theme is useless and outdated we removed the theme and bought another one.

    Therefore we request an refund and advice you to update your themes, there are a lot of people complaining about this on the forums...

    Best Regards,


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    Bryan replied


    We are sorry about late response your ticket because of the weekend. 

    If you need help about update theme and plugin, i can access to help you do it. It might take a few time to do. 

    And if you still want to get a refund, you can submit the request to have get.


    You can contact anytime in case you change the mind of using our theme again.

    Have a nice day.