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Remove menu


  • alexissatok started the conversation

    I need to make page without menu and header etc... Cause i used in iframe to make an app for mobile with appmachine. And i have a menu in my app and also the menu of the page i iframe in it so i need to remove the menu only on some page. Bu t i cant hide. I can hide header, title etc but not the menu

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    Linh replied


    Do you mean you will not use the wordpress menu for your site? 

    You can go to Appearance > Menu section and just remove all the menu as well.


  • alexissatok replied

    No, i mean i keep the menu on my page, exept for specific page that i need to remove the menu, like i can remove the header when you go down the page option there is an option to remove the header, the title, but i cant remove the menu.

    I resume, i let the menu on all page exept some where i remove the menu

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    Linh replied

    Oh i can understand it. 

    You can use this code to remove menu in your custom page:

    .page-id-3546 .page-navigation {display: none !important;}

    Don't forget change the page id in the code to your custom page id.