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Some problems with translation and settings.


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    In the settings it is impossible to change some options like:

    1) Special Heading Typography : 

    I tried to change a font style in the settings but nothing was changed. I tried change the font, with the following code:

    .insight-title--title {
        font-weight: 900!important;
        font-family: "Catamaran"!important;}

    2)  Title & Breadcrumbs - Title visibility

    After deactivation, it is visible in all sections of the store and on each of products. It is necessary to manually disable the option on all products separately, what makes it all very uncomfortable.  I had to enter the following code:

    .page-title {  
        padding-top: 0px!important;
        padding-bottom: 0px!important;
        background-color: #81d742; }
    .page-title .title {
        font-family:"Great Vibes"!important;
        font-weight: 400!important;
        font-size: 28px!important;
        line-height: 1.0!important;
        letter-spacing: 0em;
        color: #fff;

    At the moment I am not sure that the text will be needed, so it is hidden.

    3) Product Page - The following text cannot be changed:

    Recent viewed PRODUCTS 

    Related PRODUCTS

    I mean both the text itself and its style. To change the style I used the following code:

    .woocommerce.single-product .related > h2 span {
        font-family: "Catamaran"!important;
    .woocommerce.single-product .viewed > h2 span {
        font-family: "Catamaran"!important;

    The text itself, I try to translate, but for some reason it does not translate.

    I use Loco Translate Plugin and Poedit for translation. 

    I checked the translation in the Woocommerce application itself and the translation is ready there.
    I have opened tm-organik-de_DE_formal  and found that there is no translation at all. After that I found some  text what i need and tried to translat it, but nothing was changed.

    Thanks, Aleks.

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    Linh replied


    1. You can edit the custom heading element to change the text style. 

    2. You can set up custom title and breadcrumb for special product at Product Options section as my image bellow:


    3. You need translate these text in both theme and woocommerce plugin.


  • astre615 replied

    Hey Linh,

    3. Okey, after some fails i get it :)


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    Linh replied


    The file tm-organik-de_DE was generated by loco translate plugin. You can edit in normal language file de_DE.po to translate.