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Project Detail Fields & Project Builder


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    2 Questions related to Projects:

    1.) How do I customize the Project Detail fields so I can configure what information the projects are asking for?

    2.) Currently, the Projects don't have a builder available, just code/text. Is there a way to have a builder for this to better customize the layout?

    I've provided pictures of each of the sections on the Project they have the demo text in there currently. My website is being built on a temp site, so I am unable to provide a visible URL, but hopefully the attached snips help.

    Attached files:  Structure_Project Detail Fields.PNG
      Structure_Projects_No Builder.PNG

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    Bryan replied


    1. In order to customize the details field of project, you need modify the theme code to do it. 

    2. My image will show you the place to enable visual composer:

    visual role