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disable accordion.min.js enqueue in child theme


  • GrupoDNA started the conversation

    Hi, How you are good.

    For my needs integration, I added a accordion plugin with wpbakery into my page.

    I need to adjust the css to show besides images with the selected accordion tab.

    I tried to make it work by  adding

    function my_site_WI_dequeue_script() {
    	wp_dequeue_script( 'businext-accordion' );
    add_action( 'wp_print_scripts', '12313_dequeue_script', 100 );

    and then adding the same js code with my changes into the customizer of the theme

    But I couldn't unqueue de js.

    Maybe you have another way around that can make what I need.
    I also looked for a WPbakery plugin for conditional behaviour but not found.

    thank you for your help

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    Linh replied


    What do you want to do with accordion? The wpbakery is provided the accordion element to build the content as normal.


  • GrupoDNA replied

    Hi, Linh,

    the accordion doesn't give capability to set other vc_rows inside the tabs, not even html tags.

    so I need to change the accordion default behaviour to do what they ask me to do.

    please help to do so.

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    Linh replied


    I still can add the vc_row of visual inside the accordion tab as well. 


    Please check it again.


  • GrupoDNA replied

    Hi Linh, you're right,

    but I doesn't give me ability to design how I want. I need to interact with the js of the accordion.

    Like : activate roll over on headers instead of clicks and use the show and hide of the javascript to show or hide other blocks.

    please, tell me how to over-ride the accordion javascript or to add some fonction in the theme to make those needs.

    really appreciate


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    Linh replied


    Unfortunately, there is no function in theme to allow you do it.

    This topic will help you do it: