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Support executive doesn't seem to understand the problem


  • ad1thya started the conversation

    Hi,  Over the past two weeks, I was not able to login to my WP dashboard properly due to errors or page not loading.  I thought it was issue due to plugins, disable the recent ones - it did not fix the issue. 

    I thought it was due to hosting, reached out to them as well - they took 2-3 days and said Insight core was the causing the issue. I though they might be wrong so I  installed it again so my website looks like it was before.  But again, I started facing the issue - so I reached out to WordPress security company - after multiple conversations and many hours, they reach back to me saying Insightcore is the plugin that is causing trouble. They have deactivated it for now.  What should I now? Because the main plugin of your theme is deactivated, the whole website look is gone for a toss.  I have attached the response of WP security team. Let me know how to go forward.


    Their reply is just about the website will be slow but nothing about on how to fix the issue of not being able to login to the WP dashboard when the plugin is active. Weird the support team is like this who are not able to understand the language and criticality of the issue.  . 

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    Bryan replied


    This is the error when trying to access the dashboard:


    Can you share the ftp account so i can touch with Insight Core plugin to check it closer?


  • ad1thya replied

    Yes, replied on the private ticket. Hoping for resolution soon

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    Bryan replied

    Yes we should work on that ticket.