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One bug report & 3 questions


  • formidaweb started the conversation

    Hello. One bug and three questions / feature requests:

    1. The menu / header disappears on desktop on any resolution that has less than 1366 pixels wide. You can see it on any of your demos, just inspect it in Chrome with the very used 1280 * 800 resolution. Please fix this ASAP.

    2. In the menu for the desktop, I see that on the right we can use only one option from either adress, either social menu, either call to action. Can you please also add an option to have only on the desktop a top bar menu (an optional additional menu above the current one, that musn’t be sticky), that can have any of the three options above, and (if I don’t ask too much) on mobile those elements to be added in the expanded ’’sandwich’’ menu, below the other elements of the wordpress menu?

    3. Can the call to action button, if used in the desktop menu, be also shown in the sticky mobile menu, between the logo and the sandwich icon sign?

    4. Can the sticky menu on mobile be shown only when scrolling up, not also when scrolling down?

    Thanks :)

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    Bryan replied


    1. When reduce the screen size less than 1280px wide, the menu will change to mobile layout with the touch menu icon:


    2. We will check and consider to update it soon. Thank for your suggestion. 

    3. The mobile header is not supported to display that button.

    4. This code will help you do it:

    .sticky-header.admin-bar .headroom.headroom--unpinned {display: none;}