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Theme Issues with Plug Ins + Unable to Update


  • Culturesoflove started the conversation


    Currently simply wanted the theme to look identical to Swimsuit homepage with the stock images and sliders and for some reason none of it is showing up and the menu is really funky, extremely different to navigate to pages etc. Backend of wordpress says that there is an update available for the theme however  it will not allow me to update it. I  also  went to view  the  layout  to  see if  I could replicate and even the demo theme on themeforest link i have is having issues

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    Bryan replied


    You can use manual update method by download new theme package on themeforest to update your system. 


    We are sorry for this inconvenience.

    Best regards.

  • Culturesoflove replied

    I paid to have this installed and now its now working due to the update?

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    Bryan replied


    Yes you should update the theme to latest version to make sure it work well.