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Margin between the Case study slider element


  • -Harle- started the conversation

    Hey, I try to find a way to get a 40px margin between the Case study slider at mobile devices (look at Screenshot), because it doesn't look like nice yet.

    The custom code:

    .tm-case-study-slider.style-01 .text {

        margin-bottom: 40px;


    ...doesn't take an effect, why?!?

    Attached files:  Screenshot 2019-08-15 18.56.53.png
      Screenshot 2019-08-15 18.58.06.png

  •   -Harle- replied privately
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    Linh replied


    I have made the change for add padding 40px for your section on mobile screen. 

    @media (max-width: 768px) {.tm-case-study-slider.style-01 .swiper-slide-inner > .row > .col-md-5{margin-bottom: 40px;}}

    You can access to check again.


  • -Harle- replied

    Nice, thank you!

    One more question: I want to have just on big devices (max-with: 1200px) a 30px margin at the top of ".post-count"-Element, is this also possible? Tried this, but doesn't work I think:

    @media (max-width: 1200px) {.tm-case-study-slider.style-01 .post-count{margin-top: 30px;}}

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    Linh replied

    The code is true but it apply for the screen size smaller than 1200px (from 0px to 1199px). You can change to min-width if you want to apply for screen larger than 1200px (from 1201px to ....)


  • -Harle- replied

    Ah, omg, of course, thank you..

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    Linh replied

    Have a great weekend ahead.