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How do I customize the demo banner image?


  • gideonbelete started the conversation

    Hi there, just wondering, I imported in the demo and am looking to use the "collections" page as my front page, I am not an expert or anything WP and cannot figure out how to change the banner image? Right now it is the "classic radio" with text, a solid background with some designs and then a floated radio with animations to the right- I wanted to change that over to a background image that I provide, how is this possible? I went to appearance > header but that just changed the background behind the navigation - I also went to the background section and that added my image but applied it behind every other item and also extended it the full length of the page. I just want to know how to change the banner image and add my own text rather than the default one advertising the radio.

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    Bryan replied


    1. You can go to Settings > Reading to select default front page for your site.

    2. Which background image you are mentioning here? Please provide your site url with some screenshot of that section so i can help you check it better.