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Problems with Wisthlist


  • iempresa started the conversation

    when activating the withslist that provides the theme:
     the add button does not appear on the product page
    The pop-up window shows distorted images
    We want to eliminate all the bottles added to the cart that is a catalog
    We are supported by a woocomerce error message where it tells us that the templates are obsolete.
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    Bryan replied


    Can you provide some screenshot of wishlist issue so i can help you check it better?

    In case you’re seeing a notification in your administration dashboard saying the theme includes some outdated WooCommerce templates, it means you’ve recently updated WooCommerce but haven’t updated the theme yet.

    Don’t worry about that. You can work normal without the fixing outdated templates. That file don’t affect to any function of theme and your site.

    We will check and update theme soon.