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Two bugs at the shop pages


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    I got some issues according to the „LeArts“ WooCommerce / WordPress Theme:

    1. When the Ajax “Load more products”-button feature is activated for the product overview, you have to click the “load more” button twice an the first time you click it, your browser jumps up to the very top of the page but nothing more happens (no more products are loaded). This happens every time when you change the current product category filter. You can even reproduce this bug within your own online demo / preview of the theme with the following steps:

      1. Open https://learts.thememove.com/

      2. Choose “Crafting House” Demo

      3. Click “Shop”

      4. Click “Filters” → “Gift ideas” (under “Categories”)

      5. Scroll down and click “+ More”

      6. → No more products are shown, but the page jumps up to the very top. The last product will only be shown as you scroll down again and click the “+ More”-Button once again

      Further more the endless loading feature also seems bugged. Sometime it seems to load all products from an category; sometimes when you change the category filter – it seems to randomly stop after round about 20-30 product entries.

    2. When you put more then two images to a product the following bug occurs (affecting product variations): you won’t be displayed the image of a variation anymore, when you choose it in the product detail-page. Normally, when you switch between variations, the main slider img (to the left) will be replaced with the chosen product-variation’s main picture. But as soon as there are more then 2 main images for the product, nothing happens anymore, when you select a variation.

    We would really appreciate if you could take care of this bugs.

    Thanks and friendly regards.

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    Bryan replied


    Thank for your all feedback for our theme. 

    Our team will check it immediately.

    Best regards.