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FIX Header Preset 01 Cause Slider Revolution not working in logout mode (visitor mode)


  • Singa started the conversation

    theme editor / Structure: header-preset-01.php (templates/header-preset-01.php)

    line 41 the code ( $thememove_custom_logo ) fix the space in bracket, code bellow.

    <img src="<?php echo esc_url($thememove_custom_logo); ?>" alt="logo"/>
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    Linh replied

    Thank for your information. 

    We will check it immediately.


  • Singa replied

    This issue fix on my side, i don't knowledge this matter on my side due to always on admin mode (login mode) until client preview this project last night. This bug happen when the side on theme Structure homepage 04 with preset header 01.

    By the way if you on fix IP please let me know, i need to put you IP in wordfence white-list, just in case your side can't access to fix any issue in future.

    Maybe this FIX issue will be on theme update.

    Thank for respond.

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    Linh replied


    I can access your site as normal now.

    If you change anything on the theme files, please use child theme to keep it safe after each update.