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WooCommerce Problems


  • YunyDev started the conversation

    Hello. I have  problems with the product/shop part of your theme.

    For example, in this page: http://iamsidesign.com/ferrum/product/nombre-del-mueble/: When there are gallery pictures the product picture is missplaced, as you can see in the link. It has moved to the bottom. Moreover, sometimes the product picture just won't show (doesn't matter if there are gallery pictures or not), instead there's a pinkish background only. 

    This also happens whit the cart thumbnails, they just won't show. Seems like the thumnbails generated are 1x1 pixels...

    Another problem is that the minicart shows the message: 'No products in the cart' when there's product in the cart. The minicart is not showing thumbnails neither.

    Waiting for your answer. Thank you.

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    Linh replied


    You should go to Customize > Woocommerce > Product Images section to set up size for image as my screenshot here:



  • YunyDev replied

    Hi, thank you for your answer!

    The issue of the  images is solved.

    I'm going to open two more threads for the other doubts asked here.

    Best regards.

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    Linh replied

    I will check your other tickets now.