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Header Custom fields Issue


  • VinceConstrutora started the conversation


    I'm having some issues with Structure theme. By the moment, the most important is related to the Custom Fields that should setup the header: when I modify the field, click to save it ("atualizar" in portughese version) two things happens:

    - click to preview the page, and the modifications are there. but...

    - click to update the page and the modifications are gone!

    When I exclude an item of custom fields, it disappears forever, no matter that I'm trying to recreate it adding a new one!

    How do I fix this in this theme?

    tks in advance,

    Marcos Nunes.

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    Linh replied


    You should edit the page layout or other properties via visual element. You should not edit data layout via Custom field.


  • VinceConstrutora replied


    Thnaks for the time. By now, i've been researching on the web, and found a lot of people with this kind of problem, and several times saying that jetpack plugin is the source of the trouble. I've treied to disable, uninstall, etx. but in the end I've decided to export the site, erase db, reinstall theme and i'm now ffinishing to import al again.

    I know that sounds crazy, but i'm a designer and not a developer. So how it is in the beggining, i've preferred the clean install.

  • VinceConstrutora replied

    After it, the page settings reappeared and it works!

    Well... not so. Help me with this: the option to disable the breadcrumb isn't working. You can turn the disabe option, but it still keeps there. Is there anyplace to disable to the entire site by default?

    Thanks again!

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    Linh replied


    That breadcrumb issue has been fixed in newest theme Version 6.6.1 – Sept 11, 2019

    Please update your system then check again.


  • VinceConstrutora replied

    Hello Linh!

    I'm using exactly that version, from Sep 11, but this option simply won't work. Look the prints attached.

    Attached files:  Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 19.52.56.png
      Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 19.51.47.png
      Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 19.51.42.png
      Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 19.52.04.png

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    Linh replied


    Please try again with the version in my attached.

    And if you want to disable breadcrumb on whole site, you can add this code to Customize > Addition Css section:

    .breadcrumb {
        display: none !important;


    Attached files:  structure_6.6.1_2019-09-11_14-10.zip

  • VinceConstrutora replied

    Let's see: uploading your files keeps the situation as it is: the Breadcrumb option simply don't works. 

    But at least the code worked, so I decided to disable the breadcrumb on all pages by now. Tks!

    I'll be back soon if something else appears in the template.

    Regards, Marcos

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    Linh replied

    You are welcome.