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Removing Footer Col-2 or width:0px


  • toger74 started the conversation


    I would like to remove footer col-2 or make its size 0px in the layout, so that my col-3 has larger width (col-2 + col-3 width) so i can embed my facebook widget as large as possible. Can you explain me how to deal with it ? I tried to find the template layout css, but i didn't succeed to find any width size element regarding col-2 element.

    my website https://unjardinauparadis.fr


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    Bryan replied


    You can set up the footer content for your site in Customize > Widgets section.


  • toger74 replied

    I know i can customize the content of the footer in Customize -> Widget Section. But that is not my question. I cannot remove the footer col-2 entirely. I haven't set any content in footer-2 but it still displaying an empty block. I need to remove either one of the footer-3 or footer-2 column, or set up the size to 0px of one of the footer column

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