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Error on WPBakery


  • GimenaSosa started the conversation

    I had some problems with my wordpress since I installed your theme (Lezada). Sometimes conflicts are generated when uploading images to the Wordpress library, I do not know if this is because of any of the many plugins that requires Lezada.

    But the main problem arises with the visual builder WPBackery, which I wanted to fix by updating it and I found that to do that update I have to buy a separate license. Then I decided to download the latest version of Lezada in the hope of finding a more recent version of WPBackery, but when I downloaded it I did not find it among the plugins included by the theme. 

    How can I get a more recently version of WPBackery which is supposed to be included in Lezada.?

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    Bryan replied


    You can get new visual plugin here to update: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jkxrlp99gtzn77s/visual6.1.zip/file