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  • Brad Broughton started the conversation

    Hello there.

    I've already purchased the Healsoul theme(1.1.3).

    I've got some issue with Title Bar.

    I imported the demo data and tested it.

    But I can't open some pages and blogs.

    So I've researched it and been try to fix it.

    I found this issue come with Title bar(500 Internal Server Error).

    All page working well when I hide Title bar option of page setting.

    How could I fix it? I uploaded the screenshot of this issue. Please review it.

    I'd like to solve this issue soon.

    Thank you for your time.


    Attached files:  Screenshot_1.png

  • Brad Broughton replied


    I've been trying to research title bar issue all day.

    I finally found the reason of this issue.

    The all page working well when I deactivate the Woocommerce plugin.

    So I think Heal Soul theme template and Woocommerce one crashed.

    Please let me know who fix this issues.

    Best Regards.


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    Linh replied


    Unluckily, the theme is not official  supported to work with Woocommerce plugin. You should deactivate it to make the theme work normal.