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Compile scss code


  • marcoautiero started the conversation

    I want to edit the css code of the theme; I want to do it without creating a child theme, I want to edit the existing css code.

    In Lezada, the style code is split into several scss files, but there are not istructions on how to compile the scss code to produce the final edited css style file. I see that there are different configurations files about the scss compilation, but there are not instructions on how to do it (what tools are needed, which process to follow).

    So, how I do compile the scss code once I have edited it?

    This is a very improtant point for me. I have still not rated the theme, but if it's impossible to edit the existing scss code then my appreciation for this theme could not be totally positive.

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    Bryan replied


    You can use some Cache plugin to compile Css/JS code like Supper Cache, WP Rocket plugin.