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  Public Ticket #2259112
Structure Import Error


  • BPA_sg started the conversation


    I purchased the Structure template just yesterday and am trying to set it up, however when I go to import the files after activating the template I receive the following: "ERROR http_request_failed: Could not download demo media package. Please use this direct link or contact our support staff." The link prompted to use also doesn't work and gives me a 404 error page.  

    I did reset the site as recommended and have also tried on more than one browser as well to no avail. Can someone please help me identify why these files are not importing, or let me know if there's another way to import these files? I can't access the necessary templates to build the site without importing. 

    Thank you.

    Attached files:  Screenshot.JPG

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    Bryan replied


    Would you mind providing us with Wordpress login credentials so we can take a closer look?